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To promote the safety and well being of Florida’s children and their families by providing multidisciplinary assessment and treatment services for children suspected of being sexually abused.



What are Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs  

Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs are independent, community-based programs that provide specialized, family-centered treatment to victims of child sexual abuse and their family members. Individual, group and family counseling is available to victims, siblings, non-offending caretakers, and in certain areas, offending care takers. A range of counseling services, as clinically indicated, is utilized to assist families in recovering from sexual abuse, to prevent children’s developmental impairment because of the abuse, and to promote health, non-abusive relationships.




Section 39.305, Florida Statutes, requires the development of a model plan for community intervention and treatment of sexual abuse in conjunction with the Departments of Health, Children and Families, Law Enforcement, Education and Corrections; the Attorney General, the State Guardian Ad Litem Program, representatives of the judiciary, and professionals and advocates from the mental health and child welfare community. Chapter 64C-9, Florida Administrative Code, establishes specific definitions, program organization, roles, responsibilities, eligibility criteria, and waivers for the operation of the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program. In 2009 the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center obtained the contact to administer the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program for Bay, Calhoun, Holmes, Gulf, Jackson, and Washington Counties.



Services Provided

Treatment Planning:

Treatment Planning is focused on identifying the client’s therapeutic needs, identifying risk factors, and safety planning for the child. Appropriate and effective interventions reduce the level of risk and the negative effects of the trauma experienced by the child and family; thereby promoting the provision of a safer and healthier family environment.


Family Bio-Psychosocial Assessment:

A family bio-psychosocial assessment is an evaluation of the history of the family system, conducted by a counselor or other trained professional. This involves a systematic process of gathering information to formulate professional conclusions and recommendations. This psychosocial assessment includes interviews of all members of the immediate family and may include extended family members or others who directly impact family dynamics. Emphasis is placed on the child and family’s history as a context for the presenting sexual abuse allegations. The assessment assists in identifying pertinent family dynamics, assessing family strengths and weaknesses, and determining the needs of the child and family.


Group Counseling:

The provision of counseling within a group setting in which the group is scheduled to have at least 5, but no more than 10, participants, which is optimal to utilize the group dynamic. However, the number of participants is subject to clinical discretion with documented rationale.


Individual Counseling:

A therapeutic process that assists individuals with the resolution of behavioral, emotional, or cognitive dissonance


Family Counseling:

A therapeutic process that engages family systems



If you would like to learn more about the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program or about the Gulf Coast CAC, please contact our office at 850-872-7760 or click on the "Contact" link on our website to submit your inquiry.







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Since March of 2000, the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center (Gulf Coast CAC) has transformed the lives of victims of child abuse and sexual violence by offering a refuge for victims and their families to cope with the terrible crimes of child abuse and sexual assault while reducing the fear and further trauma that disclosure and investigation often creates.


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