GCCAC Partners with United Way of NWFL to Provide CARES Act

The Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center is honored to partner with the United Way of NW FL to provide assistance to individuals in Bay County negatively financially impacted by COVID-19. Please follow steps to below to determine eligibility.

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Guidelines for Eligibility for CARES Act Assistance

Provide proof of Bay County residency. Options include:

  1. Valid Florida ID with Bay County address
  2. Valid Florida Driver's License with Bay County address
  3. Copy of a utility bill, bank statement or paycheck mailed to Bay County address
  4. Copy of Green Card or Permanent Resident Card

One of the following categories:

1. Proof of Furlough/Loss of Work/Reduction of Hours

Must provide: Letter on employer's letterhead stating loss of hours was due to COVID-19 with name

OR Florida Unemployment benefit statement (dated anytime from March 2020 through present)


2. Proof of Self-Employment Loss of Work

Must provide: Business License AND Financial Records showing work prior to March 2020 AND Eligibility if type of work was mandated to be halted during the Governor's Quarantine Order


3. Proof of Loss of Employment due to underlying health issues or having COVID-19.

Must provide: Doctor's note with applicant's name stating there is a recommendation to quarantine due to an underlying health issue OR Doctor's note with applicant's name and diagnosis of COVID-19 AND Bank statements from before and after loss showing loss of income


Available Assistance (Payments made directly to agency/party debt owed)


Rent and Mortgage Assistance

Must provide: Proof of past due amounts, statement with applicant name and address

Lease agreements (if applicable)

W-9 from landlord or leaser (if applicable)


Utility Assistance (Electric, Water, Gas)

Must provide: Proof of past due amounts, statement with applicant name and address


Child Care and Adult Care

Must provide: Statement of past due amounts

W-9 of non-licensed business or individual providing care